Big names in the coffee industry at Champions’ Hub

Big names in the coffee industry at Champions’ Hub

There is very little time left to register for the Champions’ Hub, the program created to give access of relevant training information, research and practice on the competition equipment to National Barista Champions.

In the two-days agenda you can read important names of the coffee industry as Sonja Bjork Grant, who will introduce to the competition rules, what it is possible and what it is not admitted in the competition. Among the speakers there are two World Barista Champions: Gwilym Davies, 2009 WBC Champion, will talk about the sensory scoresheet. Dale Harris, 2017 WBC Champion, will explain how he prepared his winning routine offering lots of tips to get ready for the competition.

In the second day Ronny Billemon will provide useful details about the water you will find in AmsterdamRubens Gardelli, 2018 World Roasting Champion will give you useful tips on coffee roasting for the competition. It is also extremely important to organize very well the last 4 weeks of training before the competition: André Eiermann (10th place at WBC 2017) will talk about all the details to focus in the last period before the world competition.

Starting from 2017 you can choose the extraction temperature of your coffee during the competition. For this reason Prof. Chahan Yeretzian(ZHAW University) and Lauro Fioretti (Simonelli group) will present the scientific and technical evidence and what happens to coffee at different temperatures.

The Champions’Hub is a great opportunity for training and improving your performance for the World Barista ChampionshipVictoria Arduinois ready to compete with you offering all the technology and suggestions to win.